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Rechargeable lithium battery for Siros L$304.00
Mobilite Ext Cable 11.5 ft$358.00
Lamp Extension Cable 16 ft$420.00
Lamp Extension Cable 32 ft$566.00
Move 1200L Battery Charger$253.00
Mobiled Continuous Light Adapter$78.00
Lamp Extension Cable 5 M (16 ft) for Litos$386.00
Lamp Extension Cable 10 M (32 ft) for Litos$513.00
Rechargeable Lithium Battery for Move 1200 L$840.00
Move Battery Charging Station$2,685.00
Lamp Extension Cable 10 M (32 ft) for Mobilite 2 Mobiled$443.00
Hot Shoe Adapter 2 in 1$128.00
Adapter Cable for Move Battery And Mobiled$16.00