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Threaded Bolt 3/8th In for Jr/Sr Stands$39.00
Junior Stand$146.00
Senior Stand$203.00
Casters to Senior Stand$136.00
Para XXL AC Stand$623.00
Super Boom w/ Stand/Arm$1,776.00
Adapter Pulso to Superboom$194.00
Mini Flamingo Stand$2,770.00
Adapter RingFlash C for Lamp Stand$79.95
Double Pivot Ø 16mm$22.00
Bolt for Quick Change Head$58.00
Bolt for Quick Foba Mount$46.00
Threaded Bolt 3/8" for Pantograph for Pulso G and Unilite Lamps$66.00
Senso Pack Holder for Lightstand$253.00
Stand Holder for HMI 200-800 Ballast Units$243.00
Stand hook for power packs$59.00