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Broncolor SIROS

broncolor SIROS L monolight family


Now with HS !

The New Broncolor HS function lets you now use flash in combination with very short exposure time settings on your camera. Advantages include allowing the photographer to use a high shutter speed ( up to 1/8000s) to freeze motion, overpower the sun with less flash power and equipment, darken backgrounds using a high shutter speed, and most importantly shoot with a large aperture creating shallow depth of field.   *RFS 2.2 Transceiver required for HS

For over 50 years broncolor has been synonymous with innovation and an uncompromising commitment to the highest light quality. And again with Siros L there are no trade-offs. It is a real broncolor.

With the latest lithium-ion technology, a single battery, in spite of its very compact size and low weight, can charge a Siros 400 L up to full power 440 times! Reduce the output, for example by just 2 f-stops, and you can have over 1700 flashes! The results will convince you. The battery can be used over a very wide range of temperatures – from 14° F to +140° F degrees Fahrenheit. This gives you a free range of locations – at the North Pole or in the desert, Siros L is your reliable companion.

When discharged, this high quality battery takes only 70 minutes to fully charge again. In Siros L too, the ECTC technology you know from our high-end Scoro and Move power packs controls the flash curve, enables flash durations from 1/19000s (t0.5). In addition, it guarantees constant colour temperature over the entire control range.

SIRO L - cordless, compact, fast and powerful.

Siros L is battery-powered

A single fully-charged lthium-ion battery stores enough energy for a Siros 400L to flash more than 440 times - and it does that at maximum power! A miracle? No, quality!

Siros L is fast

In only 0.03 seconds your Siros L is ready again. The flash duration can last less than 1/9000s(t0.1) or 1/19,000s (t0.5). Truly miraculous times.

Siros L is simple

Very simple operation using the single rotary controller. Alternatively you can use the advanced, intuitive app. Either way using Siros L is fun.

Siros L is powerful

The high light output, up to 800 Watt, leaves no photographer standing in the dark - it can event challenge sunshine.

Siros L is LED

With its low power consumption, the 25 Watt LED module provides bright modeling light at a color temperature of 3000 K. The light characteristics is absolutely comparable with the modelling light from a mains-operated Siros S.

Siros L is Swiss

Do you appreciate quality? In Siros L you have Swiss precision and quality - inside and out. Be inspired!

Siros L is family

Proven meets innovation! The battery-powered Siros L, the Siros studio lights and Siros S are all available in both 400 and 800 Joule versions. Equipped with the broncolor bayonet fitting, they are part of the best lighting system in the world.





In Speed Mode fast charging and short flash times have absolute priority. In this case ths calculation of constant colour temperature (ECTC) is suppressed. For quick results. The second generation of our patented ECTC (Enhanced Color Temperature Control) technology, which adapts flash voltage and flash duration to each other, ensures a constant color temperature over the entire output range. Reliability at the highest level.
Flash duration and light output are the two decisive factors in light control. A microprocessor in Siros L will calculate the shortest flash duration for a given energy setting. This is convenience! With Siros L you have a free choice of 9 f-stops to set the flash output you need, all the way to 2 watt seconds. Photography with maximum freedom.
The latest lithium-ion technology in the batteries enables charging times never achieved before, and supplies energy for over 440 complete charges to full power - and all this from a weight of only 0.6 kg. It makes photography pure pleasure.

Test the performance fo our Siros L for yourself!



Siros 400 L

Siros 800 L

Flash energy

400ws 800ws

F-stop at 2m distance,
100 ISO (6.5 ft)
with L40 reflector 22 5/10 32 8/10
with P70 reflector 32 5/10 45 6/10

Flash duration t 0.1 (t 0.5)





min energy 1/ 6200s(1/11300s) 1/4400 s (1/7400s)
max energy 1/400s (1/1200s) 1/250s (1/700s)

Charging time for 100% selected energy




Eco-mode 0.04 – 1.9s 0.05 – 4.3s
Normal 0.03 – 1.2s 0.03 – 2.7s
Number of flashes per battery charge 440 at full energy 220 at full energy
Setting Range of flash energy

up to 9 f-stops in 1/10 th. or full f-stop steps




Color Temperature


 @ max energy 


Flash release

Manual trigger button, photocell, sync cable, with integral broncolor RFS 2.1

Remote control

“bronControl” app for mobile devices or RFS 2.1 Transceiver or RFS 2.2 Transceiver

*RFS 2.2 Transceiver required for HS functionality*

Ready display

Visual and acoustic (can be switched off)

Other features

Sequences (flash series) up to 50 flashes
Integrated umbrella holder and umbrella reflector included in scope of delivery
USB connection for software updates
Speed mode for fastest flash duration

Dimensions (l x w x h) 12.6 × 5.1 × 7.1 in. 14 × 5.1 × 7.1 in.
Weight (without battery) 6.8 lbs 8.2 lbs
Dimensions (l x w x h) battery 3.3 × 4.3 × 2.2 in. 3.3 × 4.3 × 2.2 in.
Weight battery 1.3 lbs 1.3 lbs
Li-ion battery 28.8 V / 2.5 Ah / 72 Wh



Siros 400 L Wifi / RFS 2.1$2,158.00
Siros 800 L Wifi / RFS 2.1$2,467.00
Siros 400 L Outdoor Kit 2$4,321.00
Siros 800 L Outdoor Kit 2$4,939.00
RFS 2.2 C Transceiver (Canon)$118.00
RFS 2.2 N Transceiver (Nikon)$118.00
RFS 2.2 S Transceiver (Sony)$118.00
Flash tube 400 / 800 ws for Siros L$221.00
Rechargeable lithium battery for Siros L$304.00
RFS 2.2 F Transmitter (Fuji)$118.00