broncolor Ringflash C
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Ringflash C

Item Nr: B-32.462.07


Ringflash C

So much more than just another ringflash, the broncolor Ringflash really redefines the favorite lamp head made famous by fashion photographers but used by product and still life photographers alike. Our Ringflash comes standard with ten rugged halogen lamps, each 20 watts, giving a total 200 watts of light for modeling exactly what the resulting flash will look on your subject. Giving off 3200ws of flash energy, our Ringflash, unlike many others can be used for long flash sequences due to our built in high power (yet remarkably quiet) fan. While still producing that unique and telltale look, the Ringflash C can be modified even further through use of our accessories, which include our patented Honeycomb Grid Set, Softlight Reflector, Beauty Reflector or Power Reflector. The Ringflash C is designated as "C" due to the special bracket and glass which allow it to be used on camera around the lens. We also sell an adapter kit for conversion of the Ringflash into a Ringflash "P" which allows it to be used with our spectacular Para umbrella.



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