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MobiLED Lamphead

Item Nr: B-32.013.00


The MobiLED lamp was developed to match the MOVE POWER PACK AND THE MOBIL A2L power packs: it is remarkably compact, weighs very little, and has an excellent price/performance ratio. The protective cap can be quickly replaced with an umbrella or standard reflector to suit the shoot. MobiLED features a pan/tilt head for one-hand operation and an integrated umbrella holder. The powerful cooling fan only switches on when the service temperature of the power pack reaches a threshold level. The bayonet mount is compatible with other broncolor lamps and gives the user access to a comprehensive range of lamps, light shapers, and accessories. The lamp is equipped with a release button that allows quick reflector changes and 360° rotation. 
Thanks to its innovative design, the MobiLED lamp stows away compactly for transport and storage. 


- corresponding emission characteristics of flash tube and modelling light
- equipped with 1600 J flash tube and 30W LED modelling lamp
- plug-in flash tube and protecting glass (with mechanical safety device)
- protective cap can be used as standard and umbrella reflector
- quick release bracket
- automatic locking mechanism of the light shaper (rotatable 360°)
- integrated pan/tilt head with locking lever for one-hand operation
- integrated umbrella holder
- cooling fan and thermal protection
- MobiLED works on all other power packs 
- modelling light only compatible for Move 1200L and  Mobil A2R/A2L 


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