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Pulso G Lamp 3200ws

Item Nr: B-32.116.07


Pulso G Lamphead

-3200 ws flashtube with 300 Watt (120V) modeling lamp
-Sturdy Noryl housing and grip
-Bayonet mount with automatic lock for interchangable reflectors.
-Plug-in flash tube with ceramic socket and spring for secure hold.
-Can be equipped with 1600ws flashtube
-Cooling fan for long flash sequences
-Rotary knob for focusing light angle from 60 - 90 degrees (with P70 standard reflector)
-Thermal protection.
-Tilt head with locking lever
-Integrated umbrella holder
-Switch and fuse for modeling light
-Includes clear UV-coated protection dome.
-16ft lamp cable


5.1 x 12.2 x 7.8"
16ft lamp cable


What’s in the Box

3200ws flashtube
300 watt modelling lamp
Protection glass dome
16 foot lamp head cable

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