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Foba Items
tn_AROBE.gif Camera Stands
FOBA studio camera stands are indispensable for quality-conscious studio photographers. They guarantee absolute stability for shake-free shots – even with the heaviest cameras. And FOBA studio camera stands are quickly adjusted and perfectly fixed.
tn_BALLA.gif Ballheads
Foba Ballheads - Ummatched precision, quality, and longevity
tn_ALFAE.gif Tripods
Foba Tripods and Tripod Accessories
tn_DIMIU.gif Shooting Tables
Foba's award winning line of shooting tables and Combitube integrated tables provide tools for fast and efficient setup and lighting in any table top shooting environment.
tn_combitube100.gif CombiTube Grip Gear
The Foba Combitube System is a system of grip products designed to solve any grip challenge that might exist in a photo studio.
tn_DASRO.jpg Background Holders
Tools and brackets for managing rolls of seamless background paper
tn_TURNA.gif Turntables
FOBA Turntables are designed to optimize the workflow in your studio for 360 degree spin photography or video. 
tn_REPRO.gif Copy Stands
Foba copy stands are built with the same level of craftsmanship as the incomparable studio camera stands, resulting in precision, flexibility, and workhorse reliability for busy studios. 
tn_ROBAE .gif Ceiling Rail Systems
Foba Ceiling Rail Systems combine extremely high quality and a massive array of accessories to professionally outfit the most complex studios or industrial applications with a system for getting gear into a reliable and accessible ceiling track system
tn_ASNEO.jpg Camera Clamps and Mounts
Clamps for mounting camera and fixing cables as well as view camera components for DSLR
tn_studsgrip.gif Grip and Adapters
Stand studs and misc adapters