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Camera dolly, COMBITUBE rails inc.

Item Nr: F-AMOVE-R


Camera dolly, COMBITUBE rails inc.

AMOVE is a camera dolly which travels on FOBA’s COMBITUBE system,
allowing it to integrate perfectly within our FOBA product family. Many
of our customers do work in film in addition to their photography, so
AMOVE is an optimal addition to their FOBA material.

We always
strive for the highest quality in terms of materials, production and
construction. With AMOVE, we have once again met that high standard.
Despite how easy it is to operate, AMOVE has many features important in a
camera dolly.

In addition to flexible camera attachment, AMOVE gives you the option of attaching a microphone or external monitor easily.

adjustable brakes and safety mechanism ensure that AMOVE is convenient
and safe to operate. AMOVE can also be moved directly over even surfaces
without the COMBITUBE. The adjustable axles permit curvilinear motion
in this way as well.




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