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A6D-100c Aerial Camera$22,995.00
A6D-100c Aerial Camera NIR (Near Infra Red)$23,495.00
H Lens HCD 4.8/24mm focus locked on infinity$7,000.00
H Lens HCD 4/28mm focus locked on infinity$6,100.00
H Lens HC 3.5/35mm focus locked on infinity$5,300.00
Protecting Lens Tube for 35 mm$200.00
H Lens HC 3.5/50mm-llmm focus locked on infinity$5,100.00
Protecting Lens Tube for 50 mm$200.00
H Lens HC 2.8/80mm focus locked on infinity$3,500.00
H Lens HC 2.2/100mm focus locked on infinity$4,600.00
Protecting Lens Tube for 80 mm and 100 mm$200.00
H Lens HC 3.2/150mm focus locked on infinity$4,500.00
H Lens HC 4/210mm focus locked on infinity$4,900.00
H Lens HC 4.5/300mm focus locked on infinity$6,000.00