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Rechargebale Battery 3200 mAh (for X system)$130.00
Battery Charger BCX-1 (x system)$150.00
Front Lens Cap 67mm$15.00
Flash Shoe Cover H/X$15.00
XH Adapter For X1D$350.00
Lens Pouch 1 HC/XCD - for HC80mm XCD lenses & 1.7 Converter$65.00
Lens Leather Pouch (XCD 45mm, HC 80mm & 1.7 Converter)$65.00
X1D Shoulder Strap$65.00
X1D Hand Strap (Leather)$85.00
Hasselblad x Sandqvist Messenger Bag$359.00
Hasselblad x Sandqvist Backpack$359.00
Hasselblad x Sandqvist Totebag (Leather)$419.00
X1D Field Kit Pelican Case (hard case only)$375.00
XPan to XCD Lens Adapter$179.00