broncolor Scoro 1600S RFS 2
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Scoro 1600S WiFi / RFS 2

Item Nr: B-31.046.07


  • 3 lamp outlets, controlled over 3 individual channels (like 3 power packs in one)
  • 1600 Ws flash energy
  • Flash duration t0.5= 1/14,000s, t 0.1= 1/10,000s
  • Individual (asymmetrical) output distribution
  • Maximum control range: over 9 f-stop intervals or over full 10 f-stop levels in whole or 1/10 f-stop intervals.
  • Stabilized flash voltage +/- 0.3%
  • Automatic stabilization of the color temperature ECTC (Enhanced Color Temperature Control) over the whole control range and up to 6 f-stops in asymmetrical mode
  • Adjustable color temperature +/- 800K-Internal discharge when the power is reduced
  • Sync port, photocell, infrared and RFS receiver for flash triggering (all can be switched off separately).
  • Selectable flash duration
  • Sequence mode for up to 50 sequential flashes with adjustable delay
  • Modeling light with 8 different proportionality levels
  • Visual and audible flash monitoring.
  • Bright large ready display and buzzer (can be switched off)
  • Fan cooling for long flash sequences and thermal protection
  • 8 memory functions (the entered data are retained should the unit be switched off or in case of a power cut)
  • Adjustable photocell sensitivity
  • Robust aluminum housing, side walls with hard rubber components
  • Automatic adaptation to the respective mains voltage

The best in the industry, the Scoro is the undisputed champ of high end power packs. The broncolor Scoro offers a number of features that no other power pack can match. Just some of the amazing features are: individual power distribution between all three of the lamp outlets over 10 full f-stop intervals; stroboscopic mode up to 50 flashes per second; the ability to control the color temperature in steps of +/- 200 K up to +/- 800 K; flash duration control, and some of the shortest recycle times of any pack on the market. This power pack really will give you the ability to let your imagination run free.


  • Flash energy: 1600 Ws
  • F-stop: 64 2/10 
  • Charging time: 0.02 – 0.6 s, speed mode 0.02 – 0.4s (230 V)
  • Up to 50 flashes per second 
  • Control range over 10 f-stops in 1/10 or 1/1 f-stop intervals 
  • Automatic stabilisation of the colour temperature (ECTC) over the whole control range 
  • 3 lamp outlets, the power output of each of the 3 lamp outlets can be adjusted independently 
  • Individual choice of the colour temperature shift 
  • Works with all voltages from 100 – 240 V 
  • Equipped with RFS 2 system 
  • WiFi module

What’s in the Box

  • Scoro 1600S WiFi / RFS 2 Power pack
  • Main cable
  • Operating instructions
  • Dust cover

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