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Can I use the CFV with a Hasselblad 200 series camera?

A permanent modification to the camera itself is required.

The modification includes an exchange of the main electronic circuitry, in-order to provide a synchronization signal via the interface contacts. 

The exterior rubber pad is also replaced as an indication that the camera body has been modified in this manner.

Please note that there are several points to highlight in this regard:

  • The modification is only available on the following models: 202, 203 and 205 (not TCC) and no other.
  • In general, it is NOT to recommend using the f-sync from a 200-camera to trigger exposure at all, since the timing requirement is very loose.
  • There will be no f-sync at all for exposure times shorter the 1/90.
  • The modification vastly improves usability - Set the exposure time on the camera and the back will follow, with no requirement for additional cords.
  • You will lose the automatic transfer of ISO to the film magazine.
  • The modification can be carried out at Hasselblad Bron Inc. service facility in Union, New Jersey. 
To request modification - Please use the online service request form on our website, Here.
NOTE - We require camera body only. Not the digital sensor unit.