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Phocus (Mac) is crashing, suggestion #2

If Phocus is crashing on launch another option is to delete the entire Phocus folder.

It may be one of the .xml files within the Phocus folder is corrupt and is causing Phocus to crash or not allow Phocus to launch.  It is rare but could be the cause. 


Applicable for Lion 10.7.x, to Sierra 10.12.x     

From the desktop press the Option key and select Go > Library > Application Support > Phocus.


You have two options. If you have created numerous presets. Use Option #1.

Close Phocus.


1. Drag the Phocus folder to the Desktop. 

2. Highlight the Phocus folder, use CMD delete. The folder will be  

    moved to the trash. 

Launch Phocus. After launch a new Phocus folder will be created.