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Can I use my CF or CFi lens on a 202FA, 203FE, 205FCC camera?

Yes, two options are available:

1. Use the focal plane shutter in the camera and the built in exposure metering system.

Set the shutter speed ring on he lens to the “F” position (rotate shutter speed ring to B then depress the green [CF lenses] or orange [CFE/CFi lenses] button and complete rotation of ring to the “F” position. 

You can meter through the lens by engaging the depth of field preview button and set the desired aperture. The camera will display (--) in the viewfinder for the aperture when the shutter release is depressed. There are no data bus connections allowing the aperture value to be transferred to the camera body. 

Set the camera mode to A, D or Z and the camera will select the proper shutter speed for the given aperture value. Shutter speed selected will be displayed in the viewfinder

2. Disengage the focal plane shutter and benefit from the advantage of lenses with built in leaf shutter, offering flash synchronization on all shutter speeds. The focal plane shutter on the camera body must be disengaged. Depress the lens release button and turn the shutter speed ring past “B” to “C” position and release the lens release button.