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Will my 500CM fit on the Snap Lock flashgun bracket?

No, you need to purchase a quick coupling plate S product #45148. This plate is placed over the existing base plate and fastens to the camera tripod thread.


1st generation   Bracket TIHMC/45020 (1960-62)

For 500C.

Cable release came out handle & attached to shutter release of camera body.


2nd generation Bracket III C /TIBAC/45020 (1963-78)

For 500C, 500CM and SWC.

External cable release with non-reversible stud.


3rd generation   Bracket 1  #45071(1977-89)

For 500CM, 2000FC, 2000FCW and 2000FCM.

Features a built in release bar, leather hand strap and reversible 1/4 and 3/8 stud.


4th generation   Bracket 1  #45072 (1989-94)

Reversible 1/4 and 3/8 stud for 500C, 500CM, 503CX, 2000FC, 2003FCW.


5th generation   Bracket 1  #45073 (1995-98)

For 500C, 500CM, 503CX, 2000FC, 2003FCW, 201F, 203FE and 205TCC/FCC.

Reversible 1/4 mad 3/8 stud; there is more space between camera body and grip handle to allow for clearance of TTL flash cable. Cannot be used in combination with CW winder.


6th generation   Snap lock grip #45169 (1998-present)

For 501C, 501CM, 503CW, 203 555ELX (release button 46116 has to be replaced with release adapter 46213).

Features a 360 degree swiveling snap lock mechanism and be detached from the bracket for flash off camera shooting.

Earlier model 500, 2000 and 200 series cameras must be fitted with the Quick coupling plate S #45148.


EL Bracket 1    46329 (1977-1988)

Features a built in release cable for 500EL and 500ELM.


EL Bracket 2    46330 (1989-1998)

With internal release cable for EL cameras. 500EL, 500ELM, 500ELX, 553ELX.

Reversible 1/4 and 3/8 stud.