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Are the EVF’s suitable for use in a darkened studio with strobes? Can you get acute focus and framing?

Yes, you can focus and compose in a dark studio with the X1D.  The X1D automatically displays a live view feed that is bright when in Manual mode.  Live view is bright whether you’re looking through the viewfinder or looking at the LCD. 


If you’re shooting in Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority or Program mode, exposure simulation is turned on by default.  In order to compose in a dark environment, you should turn exposure simulation off.  Exposure simulation shows you how the final image will look based on the settings you’ve selected.  So, when you’re looking at the live view through the viewfinder or using the LCD, the feed shown may be too dark or too light depending on the shutter speed and aperture you’ve selected.


There is a focus assist light in the front of the X1D, so you will be able to auto focus.  You can also set the camera to manual focus and turn on focus peaking to assist with focusing.  If using MF, you can still perform auto focus by using the AF-D button (located in the back of the camera, above the LCD screen).