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Are the EVF’s suitable for use in a darkened studio with strobes? Can you get acute focus and framing? EVF
How can the price of the X1D be only $8,995 when the H6D sells for $26,995 and has the same sensor? General
How do I initialise the GPS unit on the X1D-50C? GPS
Is the touch screen Adaptive or Capacitive? Rear Display
Is there a converter that will allow the use of other manufacturer's lenses on the X1D? General
What is the data rate per second and is there a limit to the recording time? Video
What is the ideal ISO? Video
What type of shutter is used for video? Rolling shutter or global shutter? Video
What video information is saved to the video file? Metadata about the capture conditions from the camera and lens to perform full image processing and corrections. Data is updated dynamically if anything is changes during recording. Video
The document mentions dust and weather sealing, the use of durable materials. Can you provide any details as to the construction and metals used, number of seals, etc.? General
Camera startup times Functionality
In extended use the camera seems to get hot General
Where do I register for my GPS? GPS
Can you tell us a little about the built-in GPS feature and when will it be available? GPS
What is the Wi-Fi range 2.4/5GHz? Wi-Fi
How do I zoom into my images on the rear display? Rear Display
What is the displays resolution? Rear Display
Can I customize the touchscreen display? Rear Display
Is focus peaking available? Autofocus
What is the differences between the autofocus systems on the H6D and the X1D? Autofocus
What are the available focus modes and number of focus areas? Autofocus
Is Digital DOF still being considered? Autofocus
Is face detection be available? Autofocus
What is the window on the front of the camera for? Autofocus
When focusing the image through the EVF seems to brighten & pixelate. What is happening here? Autofocus
Focus position resets in MF when the camera is switched off and on again. Autofocus
When you move the focus point to a different spot, does it stay there once you take a photo, or does it return to the center by default? Autofocus
Can I change the size of the focal point/indicator (hence, the focal area)? Autofocus
Can I focus on a subject and then recompose? Autofocus
Is remote control supported? If so, via Wi-Fi, USB, IR? Connectivity
Why no Thunderbolt? Connectivity
Can I shoot tethered with my Hasselblad? Connectivity
Why is there no PC sync socket Connectivity
Will there be a cable release from Hasselblad? Connectivity
Can I select which media card to save images on? Still Image Output
Can I capture jpeg images? Still Image Output
Are UHS-I AND UHS-II cards supported? Still Image Output
Why does the black-out time seem longer when shooting JPEGs? Still Image Output
What is the file size? Still Image Output
Why only HD/2K video with the X1D? Video
Can I capture raw video? Video
Is 24p supported for movies? Video
What is the movie file format? Video
What are the mpeg movie recording limits? Video
Is stereo audio recorded? Video
Details of the audio i/o microphone and headphone sockets? Video
Clean HDMI output supported? Video
Why can’t such a huge sensor do 4K video? Video
Will you be releasing a 100mp version using the 53 x 40mm sensor? Sensor
What are the sensor specifications? Sensor
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