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Does the sensor have an AA (optical low-pass) filter?   Sensor
What is effective megapixel count? Sensor
What are the image sizes for each aspect ratio? Sensor
Are raw files 14 or 16 bit? Sensor
What is the dynamic range? Sensor
What is the EVF technology (OLED, LCD? Multiplexed?) EVF
What is the EVF coverage and DIOPTRE adjustment range? EVF
Does the EVF have an eye sensor? EVF
Will the eye detect sensor on the EVF prevent it from going into standby mode while on a camera strap because the camera keeps bumping against your body? EVF
Why did we choose the 2.36 mP EVF, when higher one’s are available? EVF
Can the battery be charged in camera or is a separate charger supplied? Power
Do you have a CIPA rating for the shots per battery? Power
How many batteries are included with the camera?   Power
Is the charger the same as the H6D charger with a different plug? if so can a .5mm to 2.1 mm adapter be used to cross support the batteries? Power
Is the battery grip available? Power
Will there be an AC power grip? Power
Can I select to switch the rear screen off to save battery? Power
Have you tested flash systems with the X1D? External Flash Systems
Why there is a black-out period after the exposure? Functionality
What is the operating temperature range? Functionality
Are ISO values only adjustable in 1 EV steps? Functionality
Are there any extended ISOs? Change to ISO's? Functionality
Is Auto ISO available? If so, are there programmable limits? Functionality
What are the available white balance settings? Functionality
What is the exposure compensation range and step sizes? Functionality
What metering modes are available on the X1D? Functionality
Can I stop exposure compensation resetting between exposures? Functionality
What is the capture rate? Functionality
What are the self-timer modes/values? Functionality
What is the Mq mode on the mode dial? Functionality
What is the square icon mode on dial? Functionality
What is the second button on the front below the lens for? Functionality
What is longest shutter speed in AE modes? Functionality
Will exposure preview be available on the X1D? Functionality
Can I have the level display on as well as the exposure settings? Functionality
Does the X1D offer any images stabilization? Functionality
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